Big Bayou

Big Bayou

Big Bayou is a snake that was the main antagonist of The Uncommon Cold episode he used his magic to keep the slugs tied up and his slaves for ever courage defeated him by using his magic against him.


The big Bayou is a giant very vain snake who makes a group of slugs his slaves he forces the slugs to build statues of him which surround the swamp. The Bayou makes the slugs his slaves and they fear him because he has magic. One day the slugs came to courages house when muriel got a cold and needed courages help courage helped them and stole some of big bayous magic meanwhile big bayou came back and came after courage however courage used his magic against him summoning all of his statues on the big bayou which sent the big bayou running.

personality Edit

The Big Bayou is a very vain snake so vain that he makes the slugs his slaves build statues of him made out of bamboo.


  • i loook e so hand some today BIg Bayou


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